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NOTE: Due to volume and time constraints, Jana cannot answer every email and when answered could take a month or more. Answers to frequently asked questions are provided below.

When will (the next Miss Fortune or Shaye Archer) book be available in audio? Audio will always release at least two months after the books release in ebook and print form. It may take longer if contracts are under negotiation.

Will you be writing more of the Miss Fortune and Shaye Archer series? I plan to continue writing books in the Miss Fortune and Shaye Archer series as long as I have ideas and readers still want to read them.

I see stories using your characters and setting from the Miss Fortune series, but they weren’t written by you. Is someone stealing your work? No. Those stories are written by authors who have authorized use of my Miss Fortune World. For more information, please go to the J&R Fan Fiction tab. 

When will your next book be out? Can I pre-order it? I don’t set hard dates for my releases, which is why I give only a general idea of release of upcoming books at the end of a new release. I prefer to write the book as it comes and release it when it’s ready. For that reason, I also do not do pre-orders for my books. If you want notice when I have a new release, please sign up for my newsletter and/or follow me on Facebook/Twitter. For weekly updates on my process, join my reader group, the Insta-Gators, on Facebook.

Will you write more books in the Ghost-in-Law series? At this time, I do not have any plans to continue writing books in the Ghost-in-Law series.

I want to be a writer. Will you meet with me/read my book/etc.? My work schedule does not allow me to meet individually with aspiring authors. I get a lot of requests and would never get another book written if I said yes to them. I do not read unpublished works based on advice from my legal team.

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