Miss Fortune Mysteries

Shaye Archer Series

Malevolent by Jana DeLeon

Malevolent Book 1

Sinister by Jana DeLeon

Sinister Book 2

Diabolical by Jana DeLeon

Diabolical Book 3

Wicked by Jana DeLeon

Wicked Book 4

Unseen by Jana DeLeon

Unseen Book 5

Dreadful by Jana DeLeon

Dreadful Book 6

Damned Book 7

Tempest Island Series

Backrush Book 1

Adrift Book 2

Marina At Midlife

The Happily Everlasting Series

The Ghost-in-Law Mysteries

Standalone Books

Rumble on the Bayou by Jana DeLeon

Rumble on the Bayou A Cozy, Romantic Mystery

Unlucky by Jana DeLeon

Unlucky A Cozy, Romantic Mystery

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